The last two months;

Ok ok so, I haven't posted in a while; a while being about 2 months!

But for good reason! I've been building! Also that whole global pandemic thing has left me with reduced mental capacity but the time has come to slow down the building and start talking again.

This past year has had me spending more time on small projects that most other years and during that time I've have to build and maintain a number of in-app billing 'areas'. You know what I'm talking about; does this user have a subscription, what is their next payment, a list of invoices, etc.

Fortunately whenever I've built these UI's they've been powered by and Paddle is amazing for SaaS startups and side projects, especially if you are based in the EU and don't want to deal with all the VAT complexities etc. Paddle has a decent API and their checkout process is pretty slick, they are my absolute goto now.

But there is something that is missing and it's all those UI parts I mentioned before. Paddle handles the subscription and payments part but you still have to build a lot yourself.

This is when the idea for Kanuu started, what if there was a UI already out there, something I wouldn't have to build again and again. So I started prototyping, seeing how far I could go. It turns out, pretty far.

So what's the elevator pitch?

Replace all your in-app subscription logic and UI with just one button and let Kanuu handle the rest. Kanuu lets you to focus on building your product and delivering value and spend less time maintaining billing interfaces.

So I'm happy to announce that is live and we need people who are interested to help us beta test. Are you looking at adding billing to a new or existing product you've built? Want to replace what you've got already? Head over to our landing page and let us know you are interested. šŸ™

Currently we are only supporting Paddle integrations but we have plans for other platforms too!

I hope I get to speak to a few of your soon.

Peace āœŒļø